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 The mission of the ESA Trainees Committee (ESATC) is to establish a network between the approximately 22.000 European 

Anaesthesiology Trainees (EAT)  (the ESA Trainee Network (ESATN)), from the countries represented in the ESA Council and National

Anaesthesiologists Societies Committee (NASC) and to strengthen their visibility within the Society.



The aims of the ESATC overlap with the aims of the ESA and it coordinates and conducts the ESATN activities and projects.


The ESATN includes  3 levels of communication:


1) Between all the European trainees and the ESATC through social networks, regardless of the ESA membership status. 

The goal is to connect an estimated number of 22.000 European trainees;



2) Between all European trainees committees or sections and the ESATC through the National Trainee Representatives. The goal is to enable a

representative flow of information from the trainees from each European country and the ESATC;



3) The ESATC and the ESA Leadership. The ESATC is the interface between the data collected from the ESATN and the ESA Leadership.



There are many benefits to being a part of the Trainee Network

  • Integrate in a task force with the ESA trainee committee (certificates in exchange)
  • Get involved in the Euroanesthesia trainees program team (certificates in exchange)
  • Receive all ESA information benefiting trainees
  • Hear about the latest news and publications in anaesthesiology, events and courses, and grants and awards
  • Have an active voice and make an impact
  • Advance the field of anaesthesiology, together
ESA Trainee Membership

Become a Member of the ESA

BE INFORMED Receive updates and access new information through our website, journal, digital publications, and guidelines.

SAVE MONEY Reduced rates to Euroanaesthesia andESA Focus Meeting on Perioperative Medicine.

INCREASE YOUR IMPACT Get a competitive edge over non-members with exclusive access to funding, network studies, training, and educational opportunities.

BECOME A LEADER Expand your influence and grow the field of anaesthesiology through committee participation, improving educational resources, organising programmes, and more.

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